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Interflon develops and manufactures specialized lubricants, resulting in superior performance and major cost savings.

Interflon is active worldwide in reducing maintenance costs and energy use, using lubricants that reduce friction more than ordinary petrochemical lubricants.

Fin Super

Fin Super is a high-performance penetrating dry-film aerosol lubricant fortified with MicPol® technology. It lubricates, protects, and makes life go more smoothly. Equally useful in businesses and homes.

Amazon Store

Our Amazon store is the only place online the general public can buy Interflon products.

Food Lube

Food Lube is revolutionizing the food, beverage, and medicine production industries. You can’t run a business without it!

Demo of HT1200

In this video, we demonstrate the amazing ability of Interflon Paste HT1200 to rethread a completely ruined bolt. Check it out!

Predictive Maintenance

Interflon are the experts in predictive maintenance. Solve problems before they happen.

Dumper Chain Life More Than Doubled... So Far

“I have never seen a [poultry] cage dumper go 4 months without replacing any chains on the infeed roller side. After switching to Interflon Food Lube 9 months ago, there is not one broken chain and they are showing virtually no stretch.”
-B.O., Plant Manager

An Industry Game-Changer

Interflon products are formulated to work in high-pressure, high-temperature industrial environments, where maintenance time is critical and downtime is not an option. Our products contain MicPol®, a unique technology that reduces the smoothest substance known to man (PTFE-Teflon®) to very small (.01-.03 microns) particles, allowing them to penetrate every pore of the surface. MicPol® also polarizes the PTFE particles so that they strongly adhere to surfaces magnetically. This results in a solid, very smooth dry film that offers a much stronger bond than oil viscosity, and lasts up to 10 times longer than other lubricants.

Our clients around the world have come to trust and rely on our products. Maintenance times are reduced to a fraction of what they were, and replacement costs are either greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. Businesses save tens of thousands on equipment like chains and bearings when they switch to Interflon. Our products can even be applied automatically, so your personnel can focus on production.

Our Technical Advisors (TA) are experts in their field. They are well equipped to answer all your questions, and to show you that Interflon products offer the best value for your investment. They can offer in-shop demonstrations and can also offer input on what Predictive Maintenance regime will work best for your business. Check our map to see if there is a TA in your area.

Interflon works to make American industry more efficient, productive, and profitable. If you’re not using Interflon in your production environment, contact us to find out how you can start.

Keeps Chains Clean, Makes Sanitizing Easy

“We are amazed at how clean our chains stay with Food Lube. Results are excellent. It now only takes one man no more than 45 minutes to clean and sanitize all our pickers.”
-M.S., turkey farm maintenance supervisor

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Interflon Food Lube frees a frozen bearing

Interflon Food Lube frees a frozen bearing

The Interflon USA team recently visited our clients at a poultry processing plant to conduct a demonstration and prepare some tests. Whenever possible, we like to follow up with our clients onsite to help them find new opportunities to save money and labor. Poultry...

How to Clean Chains with Interflon Products

How to Clean Chains with Interflon Products

Interflon lubricants excel at protecting and lubricating your chain so that it lasts longer, saving you money in energy, maintenance, and replacement. To achieve optimal results, the chain should first be thoroughly cleaned. Interflon has cleaning products for every...

Fin Super for RVs

Fin Super for RVs

Fin Super is a great product for every camper, trailer, and RV owner! Check out this post over on Sun Cruiser Media for more details!

Conveyor Chain in Bottling Plant

Conveyor Chain in Bottling Plant

The Challenge This plant uses glass jars as packaging. They were experiencing high wear of their clip-on conveyor chain, which was a 1/2" chain with guide blocks. They were using only water as a lubricant, which caused huge amount of corrosion, not to...

Best Lubricant for Mechanical Applications

“Use this stuff as a locksmith on a wide variety of applications. Best lubricant u r come across yet [sic].”
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
-Amazon customer R. Du

Highly Versatile, Endlessly Useful

Interflon products such as FIN SUPER as just as helpful at home as they are in industry. FOOD LUBE, our food-safe lubrication spray, has as many applications in the home kitchen as in the commercial food preparation environment. Our products are useful in thousands of ways across all aspects of life. If you have ever needed a lubrication spray that works perfectly on application, lasts a long time, and is easy to use, Interflon has something for you.

Interflon products are available on Amazon.

Shipping directly from our warehouse in Missouri, your Interflon order can be at your door within a couple of days.

Want a live demonstration at your place of business? Find out if there’s a Technical Advisor near you.

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Mechanics! Ever seen a rethreading compound do this?
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Check out this great post about why every RV owner should have a can of Fin Super aboard!
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