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An assembly paste is a type of protective lubricant with additives that is applied to various components or pieces of equipment before putting them together. The purpose of an assembly paste is to protect parts from wear and corrosion, especially in harsh circumstances, as well as to make it easier to take them apart later.

An assembly paste must perform three functions well. It must:

  1. Lubricate
  2. Separate
  3. Protect

To lubricate, an assembly paste will be composed partly of various types of grease. This helps it coat uneven surfaces and penetrate hidden areas in order to create a smooth, even layer.

To separate, the assembly paste must maintain its structural integrity under high pressure or extreme temperatures, so that it doesn’t break down or get forced out, allowing surfaces to come into contact when they shouldn’t.

To protect, the assembly paste must remain intact so that it refuses to allow surface contact with substances like water or chemicals.

Assembly paste is often applied to components or equipment parts of various types before being put together. The purpose of this is:

  1. to protect the connections, joints, etc. at the points where they are joined, or assembled, from wear or corrosion;
  2. to allow these parts to move freely when necessary, and to make it easier to disassemble these parts later; and
  3. to keep components from moving or shifting after assembly.

Types of Assembly Paste

Carbon assembly paste is frequently used in the biking world, because it works best on the carbon fiber frames modern bikes are made of. Bikes are subject to a great deal of wear and environmental stresses, and assembly paste helps keep parts such as seat posts in place, prevents excess wear and corrosion of the metal, and aids in smooth disassembly when it becomes necessary.

Copper assembly paste is often used on tools and automotive parts, including electrical connections. The copper assists in maintaining electrical conductivity on items such as battery terminals. One major disadvantage of copper assembly paste is that it is toxic and environmentally dangerous.

Ceramic assembly paste may used where two different kinds of metal, for example copper and iron, may come into contact in the presence of an electrolyte, such as seawater. The type of corrosion that occurs in this situation is called galvanic corrosion. It is distinct from rust, which is called oxidation. An even coating of an assembly paste such as Interflon Paste HT1200 will prevent both kinds of reactions from taking place.

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Interflon Paste HT1200 is a ceramic-based assembly paste that maintains its properties up to 1200 degrees Celsius, or 2192 degrees Fahrenheit. It protects against moisture, (salt)water, acid media, high pressure and atmospheric effects. It can be applied to equipment that will remain immersed in seawater for extended periods of time.

Interflon Paste HT1200 has the added benefit of being a food-grade lubricant (H1, kosher, and halal). This means that it’s safe to use on food processing equipment where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur.

Interflon Paste HT1200 is ideal for use in situations where galvanic corrosion, galling, or fretting may occur. Galling is sometimes called “cold welding”. It is a form of severe wear caused by adhesion, and it can result in total seizure. Fretting occurs in similar circumstances, but refers to wear on the surface layer, causing a loss of structural integrity.

Interflon Paste HT1200 is also ideal for the fitting of Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Sparkplugs, (ABS) Probes, Turbo chargers, aluminum and alloys car chassis, Light Alloy Rims, Brake Shoes, Machine Parts, Metal Connections, Pneumatic Tools, Thread, Pins, Bolts, Nuts, Axles, Seals, Valves, Flanges, Stainless Steel Screwed Connection and everything else with a (screw) connection.

Interflon Paste HT1200 is available in aerosol, tube, or pot format. All three products function in the same manner but are applied differently, so choose the one that best fits your needs for your given application. If you require assistance in making that determination, feel free to give us a call at (877) FIN-LUBE to discuss it.

Interflon Paste HT1200 is available on Amazon or from one of our Technical Advisors.