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…so hurry up and grab it before they figure it out!

Interflon Fin Super with MicPol┬« is Europe’s best-kept secret… or at least it was, until we liberated it. Now the word is out: the most long-lasting, deep-penetrating lubricant and protective spray on the market is finally available in America, and it’s only on Amazon.

Fin Super is unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Our micronized and polarized solid lubricant particles are so tiny, they can creep into spaces 1,500 times smaller than a human hair. They can even penetrate sealed bearings and rejuvenate the existing lubricant.

MicPol┬« particles stick to any surface, thanks to their negative charge. That means they’re not coming off easily… not even under high-pressure spray, harsh cleaning chemicals, or high pressure. They will stick up to ten times longer than ordinary lubricants.

Not only that, but Fin Super dries quickly to a solid film that is totally impervious to water… so say au revoir to rust and corrosion.

Fin Super is the most long-lasting, deep-penetrating lubricant spray on the market.

Fin Super won’t drip, doesn’t stain clothing, has only a very light odor, and is colorless. You can use it on anything that needs lubrication. For a more complete list of possible applications, see our post called “14 Ways to Use Fin Super”.

Fin Super is even dielectric. That means you can spray it directly on electrical connections, wires, and circuit boards. It will form a protective, insulating layer that keeps moisture out and prevents corrosion.

Fin Super first went on the market in Europe in 1980, and since then it’s spread to over 40 countries around the world. Our products are used in heavy industry, rail, food production, and hundreds more processes and applications.

That’s the other big secret: now, for the first time, Fin Super is available to the general public through Amazon.

Special Offer: Until January 31, 2019, you can get a free second can of Fin Super! Read this post for details.

Need a food-safe version for use in the food production or packaging industry? Interflon Food Lube is classified NSF H1, and is certified Kosher and Halal.