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The Challenge

This client wanted to eliminate the use of copper paste, which is not rated food safe, for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. The copper paste was also adversely affecting the gaskets and causing problems when dismantling the motor.


Commercial Bakery

The Solution

Interflon Paste HT 1200 – A high-temperature ceramic assembly paste.


  • HT 1200 is an assembly paste that complies with FDA requirements for food-safe lubricants. It should be used wherever there is the possibility of incidental contact with foodstuffs.
  • HT 1200 will not harm or adversely affect rubber gaskets or synthetic components.
  • HT 1200 is made from micronized and polarized non-toxic ceramic particles. It lubricants, protects, and makes equipment easy to dismantle.


  • Food-safe alternative to copper paste
  • Gaskets are no longer being damaged
  • Dismantling of the motor has become easier
  • The manufacturer of the equipment has approved the use of Interflon HT 1200 with its equipment.

See HT1200 In Action!

HT1200’s ability to rethread a completely destroyed bolt is legendary throughout the industry. See it for yourself in the video below!