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The Challenge

A rollercoaster used a Rexnord chain that was 180 meters (590 feet) in length. It cost over $30,000.00. Gear wheels and bearings for the coaster cost an additional $20,000.00 for a total cost of over $50,000.00. With that kind of money invested, the owners wanted to make sure they were using the best lubricant they could find. Prior to discovering Interflon, they were using chainsaw oil, but they were having to lubricate constantly and parts were often requiring replacement.


The Solution: Interflon Food Lube G220

Multi-purpose, heavy duty CLP oil with MicPol®. Specially formulated for the lubrication and protection of oil lubricated machine parts including gearboxes, drive and transport chains and guide ways exposed to high loads or operating under wet or adverse conditions.


Lubrication interval had been once every 250 seconds. After switching to Interflon, this could be safely increased first to every 750 seconds, then to every 1,000 seconds. This means the client was using about 25% of the lubricant they were using, and achieving much better results in terms of equipment life. Savings here can be calculated not just in lubricant costs, but also in equipment maintenance and replacement.