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Product Application and Compatibility Chart

On this page you’ll find a chart of our best-selling products, certifications, uses, temperature limits, and the products they can replace. Clicking a product name will take you to that product’s full description page, including technical and safety data sheets.

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Product Category NSF/FDA Certification Replaces these products Applications Temperature
N/A KROIL, WD40, PB BLASTER, Knock’er Loose, Liquid Wrench For PM and Corrective Maintenance in all applications. Long life Mechanical and Drive Chain lubrication and the lubrication of All Cables, Conveyors, Joints, Pivots, Cams, Belts, Nylon Slide Bearings, Locks, Window Guides, Bay Doors, Door Rubbers, All Tools, Lifts, Guns, Fishing Equipment, Pulleys, Threaded Parts, Bolts, Rollers, Frozen Valves, Actuators, Solenoids, Hinges, Latches, and many other moving parts. Dielectric & protects electrical contacts against corrosion. -45F to 338F
(-43C to 170C)
N/A -45F to 338F
(-43C to 170C)
NSF H1 Upgraded replacement for all FDA Penetrating oils Chains in Packing and Bottle Filling Machines in the beverage industry, milk industry, foodstuffs industry, animal fodder industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper fabrication as well as in the clothing industry. -4F to 356F
(-20C to 356C)
METAL CLEAN CLEANER NSF H1 Acetone, White Spirit, Trichloroethylene, Toluene. Brakleen Rapid cleaning of Bearings, Gear Wheels, Locks, Cylinders, Chains, Slides, Hinges, Axles, Spindles, Conveyor Belts, Brake systems and much more. Cleans Grease off anything unlike anything else. 98% Biodegradable Highest application temperature: 104F (40C)
FOAM CLEAN CLEANER NSF A1 Major Upgraded Glass Plus Cleaner Multi-Surface foam cleaner & degreaser. Outperforms all other cleaners. Great on Grease, insects, Nicotine Stains, Touch Screens, Laptops, Plasma Screens… Highest application temperature: 104F (40C)
DEGREASER EM30+ CLEANER NSF K1/K3 Excellent replacement for hazardous cleaning systems Food processing areas To remove substances not removable by using acidic or alkaline cleaning agents and for removing adhesive or glue from food packaging materials in and around food processing areas. Highest application temperature
86F (30C)
HT1200 GREASE NSF H1 Upgraded replacement for ALL Anti-Seizes. For fitting Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Spark plugs, (ABS) Probes, Turbo chargers, aluminum and alloys car chassis, Light Alloy Rims, Brake Shoes, Machine Parts, Metal Connections, Pneumatic Tools, Thread, Pins, Bolts, Nuts, Axles, Seals, Valves, Flanges, Stainless Steel Screwed Connection and everything else with a (screw) connection. Also ungalls Stainless and other Metals unlike anything else. Highest application temperature:
2192F (1200C)
MP2/3 GREASE GREASE NSF H2 Upgraded Replacement for All Lithium and Red Lithium Greases. Electric Motor Greases, SHC Series, EP2 series, XHP Series & AW series Greases, etc.. For all your low, medium and high-speed Bearings, Sliding Surfaces, Open Gears, Slideways, Joints, Cogs, Gear Wheels, Guidances, Electric Motors, Fans, Guide Tracks, Axles, Crown Gears, Spindles, Shafts, Valves and way more. 32.54F to 284F
(-30C to 145C)
FOOD GREASE LT2 GREASE NSF H1 Upgraded replacement for Lubriplate and Jax Food Grade Greases. NLGI2 & FMl2 Food Greases. For the lubrication of Bearings, Chains, Slides and many other Machine Parts with outdoor exposure or used in industrial and food-stuff environments where extremely low Temps and/or Heavy Water are present -49F to 350F
(-45C to 180C)
GREASE LS2 GREASE N/A Upgraded replacement for any Heavy Load, Low Speed, High Impact &/or Heavy Water Exposure Greases such as Mobilith SHC1500. Transshipment, offshore, mining, fishing industry and steel works as well as for cranes, excavators, agricultural and construction machine 14F to 248F
(-10C to 120C)
FIN GREASE GREASE NSF H1 Upgraded replacement for any and all Light Load Greases Small- medium enterprises, industrial sites and food processing environments. For the lubrication of slow to moderate moving Bearings, Sliding surfaces, Open Gears, Slideways, Hinge pins, UV Joints, Rod Ends, Cogs, Gear wheels, Guidances, Guide Tracks, Axles, Crown Gears, Spindles, Shafts, Toothed Belts, Locking Pins, Valves, etc. -4F to 302F
(-45C to 180C)
GREASE OG GREASE N/A Upgraded replacement for All Heavy Duty, High Load / Open Gear Greases. Lubrication of all slow to moderate moving Gear Wheels, heavy loaded Chains, Slideways, Crown Gears, Valves, Shafts, Joints, Pin Bush connections etc. 14F to 284F
(-10C to 120C)
GREASE LS1/2 GREASE N/A N/A  Engineered to increase service life of bearings, guides, sliding surfaces, joints and other slow to moderately moving machine parts that operate under adverse conditions of extreme loads and low temperatures in high water washout. Excellent choice for the use in transhipment, offshore, mining, fishing industry and steel works as well as for cranes, excavators, agricultural and construction machines  -4F to 248F
(-20C to 120C)
GREASE HTG GREASE NSF H2 Conventional Greases For the lubrication of Bearings, Chains, Slides and many other machine parts used Fryers, Ovens and in Industrial and Food-stuff Environments where High Temperatures, Steam or Contaminants rule out the use of conventional greases. Resists temperatures up to 240°C over a long span of time or a shorter period up to 270°C
N/A STANDARD GREASE GUNS A cleaner, faster & more efficient solution for lubricating telescoping booms and other large grease applications. Many of Interflon’s greases can be used with this gun. N/A