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The Challenge

This large North Carolina poultry processing plant had been lubricating their Marel sorting system every week. The machine required 5 to 7 pumps of lubricant per bearing. It was proving to be expensive and time-consuming, and like all of Interflon’s soon-to-be clients, they wanted a solution… but they wanted a solution that would not just cheaper, but better.

This is the type of situation where Interflon excels.


  • Cold
  • Humid
  • Daily exposure to high-pressure water spray
  • Daily use of harsh chemicals for sanitizing

The Solution: Interflon Food Grease HD2

After switching to Interflon’s Food Grease HD2, a food-safe lubricant that can withstand a wide range of temperatures, lubrication is now required only every two weeks, and the amount has been cut down to 1-2 pumps per bearing.


  • Grease consumption cut by 75%
  • Labor costs reduced by 80
  • Client now uses Interflon products throughout the plant