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The Challenge

This Georgia poultry processing plant was experiencing the same problems we’ve seen in many other plants: due to the high humidity, harsh chemical sanitizing, and regular high-pressure water spray, the chains on their dumpers were constantly losing their lubricant, and needed to be replaced every 8-10 weeks.

The Environment

  • Chicken feces regularly dropping on chains
  • Other contaminants formed abrasive paste
  • High humidity
  • High-pressure water spray

The Solution: Interflon Food Lube and Food Lube G

Food Lube is the ideal lubricant for any situation in which contamination of lubricant may occur. Because it dries to a solid film, it is impossible for any particles to adhere to it. Thus they are prevented from forming the abrasive paste that is so damaging to chains, causing friction, rapid wear, and stretching.

The Result

  • Dumper has 15 chains
  • At roughly $45 per chain (includ. labor), replacement was costing at least $675 every 2nd or 3rd month
  • Savings of at least $2,700 realized in chain replacement costs
  • Further savings realized in lower lubricant costs

Client stated that he had never gone as long as 10 weeks without having to replace a chain before, but since switching to Interflon Food Lube, he had not had to replace a chain in 9 months. After 9 months chains had stretched less than 1%. It was estimated that replacement would likely not need to occur for another year.