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The Challenge

Chains on a dumper at this North Carolina poultry processing facility were lubricated on an as-needed basis. No records were kept on how often, and maintenance staff informed our Interflon Technical Advisor that other shifts would lube if they felt it was
needed. The best estimation was at least 2 times a week, but often more.

The lubricant this client was using was messy and dripped everywhere. Contaminants would stick to the chain, forming an abrasive paste that accelerated wear. The lubricant was not food-safe. Worst of all, the chains stretched so badly they needed to be replaced about every 6 to 10 weeks.
depending on production.


Covered but not enclosed.
Open to the elements such as heat, humidity and cold during winter.

Solution: Interflon Food Lube (aerosol)

All chains were replaced, Interflon Metal Clean was applied to remove protective coating, and then Food Lube was sprayed on all the chains. Client noticed immediately that because Food Lube dries to a solid film, no more contaminants were sticking to the chains.


  • 26 weeks later, chains had only stretched .5%
  • Estimated chain life: 78 weeks (was 10)
  • Lubrication now takes place once per month