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Interflon is a manufacturer of H1 food-grade lubricants for all types of applications. Our products are trusted in over 40 countries. This post is about Interflon Food Lube, our best-selling, food-safe lubricant spray. We also make many other food-safe sprays and greases, so if Food Lube isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out our Products page, call us at (877) 346-5823, or find a Technical Advisor near you.

interflon food lube aerosol

Interflon Food Lube

Versatile, dry-film food grade (NSF H1, ISO 21469, Kosher, Halal) lubricant fortified with ®MicPol, which both micronizes and polarizes PTFE particles. Micronized lubricant particles are .03 microns or less in diameter (1500x smaller than a human hair) and can therefore easily penetrate any crack, pit, crevice, or other tiny space. Breaks up rust and forms a totally smooth coating. Negatively-charged particles will adhere magnetically to any surface. Food Lube lasts up to 10x as long as other well-known lubricant sprays. Food Lube dries to a solid film that will not collect any particles of dust, dirt, or grit. For a multitude of general machine parts, cable and chain lubrication applications in food-stuff environments. Food Lube is dielectric and can be sprayed directly onto electrical connections to protect them from moisture and corrosion. Formulated to reduce your maintenance and down time costs and the number of lubricants currently in use. Goes on wet, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas.

How it works:

Interflon Food Lube is an aerosol spray with MicPol® technology. Micronized and polarized lubricant particles are small enough to creep into every nook and cranny, and adhere magnetically to any surface, forming a smooth, dry layer. Food Lube goes on wet and dries quickly. Once dry, it forms a solid film with the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid substance on earth.

See our blog post: “What is a food-grade lubricant?”

Interflon Food Lube is impenetrable to water and will not come off even under high-pressure (salt)water spray. It will not collect dirt or other particles, so moving parts will stay clean even months after application. Use it on chains, rollers, gates, belts, doors, or any other moving part in the food production process.

Food Lube is also ideal for use in the medicine, cosmetics, pet and animal feed, and beverage production industries, as well as any other application where a food-safe lubricant is required. See our press release here (link).

Interflon has been manufacturing high-quality lubricants since 1980. We’re known and trusted in over 40 countries around the world! (We’re new on Amazon… but we’re not new in the business. So if you’ve tried us and loved us, leave us a review! That way everyone else can know how awesome Food Lube is, too.)

Other Food-Grade Products from Interflon

We also offer other formulations of high-quality food-safe products that contain our same unique, long-lasting lubricant technology, including:

Interflon HT1200

Food-grade paste for use in high-pressure, high-temperature applications. Read about HT1200 here. Food grade assembly grease for high temperature conditions. Provides for a low coefficient of friction for loose screw connections with best in class breakaway torgue characteristics, in particular on stainless steel. Prevents fretting and corrosion during the manufacture, use, assembly and disassembly of all kinds of machinery and equipment, even after the connection has been exposed to temperatures up to +1200°C. Highly resistant to moisture, (salt)water, acid media, high pressure and atmospheric effects. Excellent Replacement for Copper Paste Specially formulated with soft, non-toxic ceramic materials chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry (NSF Class H1). Excellent replacement for hazardous products such as copper paste which threaten the environment and health of users and bystanders. Product Application Areas For fitting Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Sparkplugs, (ABS) Probes, Turbo chargers, aluminum and alloys car chassis, Light Alloy Rims, Brake Shoes, Machine Parts, Metal Connections, Pneumatic Tools, Thread, Pins, Bolts, Nuts, Axles, Seals, Valves, Flanges, Stainless Steel Screwed Connection and everything else with a (screw) connection.

Interflon Food Lube G

High performance oil which has been specially formulated for the food industry to protect and lubricate chains, including drive and transport chains and guide ways etc. Significantly reduces wear to increase service life of critical and expensive machine parts that operate under extreme circumstances or are hard to re-lubricate. Designed for adverse conditions of extreme loads of up to 25 kg/mm² and strong contamination. Fortified with MicPol® for increased lubricity and extremely long lasting protection against corrosion. NSF (Class H-1) tested and listed, which gives this product full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental contact with food, beverages or drugs may occur.

Food Grease LT2

In severe cold processes or outdoor exposure in winter weather, machinery needs special lubrication to operate smoothly. Interflon offers its Fin Food Grease LT2 that not only remains fluid, but also provides high performance lubrication and excellent wear protection under these circumstances. Its state of the art formulation gives this food-grade grease long life at both low and high temperatures under almost any conditions. Its extreme pressure characteristics stand up against high impact loads. NSF (Class H1) tested and listed, which gives it full acceptability for use where there is potential for incidental contact with food or drugs.