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Interflon Degreaser EM30+ is the ideal cleaner for all types of fine stone countertops. Industrial strength yet food-safe, it can be used in both residential and commercial food preparation areas. EM30+ is also perfect for use on stainless steel counters, tile, cement floors, and many other kinds of surfaces commonly found in kitchens and work areas.

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ has a very gentle odor and is considered safe enough to be used in HACCP environments and non-processing food preparation areas (NSF K1/K3).

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can. Simply spray it on, let it sit for four minutes, then wash with a detergent solution and rinse with potable water. After cleaning, the product evaporates without leaving residues behind. Recommended as a replacement for acetone.

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ is very versatile! It’s also suitable for use on:

  • Chains, bearings, and gear wheels
  • Engines and motors
  • Conveyor belts and slideways
  • Machines of all types
  • Plating and hard stone
  • Floors in workshops
  • Graffiti and partly dried paint
  • Many other applications

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ is specially developed for cleaning parts or surfaces that are soiled by oil residues, graphite, carbon, acrylic glues, adhesives, sealants, grease, dirt, waxes, dyes, inks, soil and paint residues. It is suitable for use as an immersion cleaner, and is also available in bulk liquid format from the manufacturer.

We advise testing a small area to make sure that the cleaning agent does not adversely affect or damage the surface being cleaned. Do not apply to hot surfaces. When cleaning large vertical areas, apply the product from the bottom and work upwards ensuring that the whole area is covered. Cleaning away any dirt is best done from the top in a downwards direction to prevent leaving any streak marks. Do not use the product or allow to dry in direct sunlight.

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ is available directly from Amazon.