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Interflon lubricants excel at protecting and lubricating your chain so that it lasts longer, saving you money in energy, maintenance, and replacement.

To achieve optimal results, the chain should first be thoroughly cleaned. Interflon has cleaning products for every application, including biodegradable, food grade and environmentally friendly products.

Interflon Metal Clean

Powerful, readily biodegradable cleaning and degreasing agent. Pressurized so that dirt and grease in hard to reach places can be easily removed with the powerful spray jet.

Interflon Degreaser EM30+

Very powerful, fast-acting cold degreaser for use in the food processing industry. Has only a mild odor. Evaporates slowly so that even persistent dirt is soaked off. Does not leave any residue.

Interflon Degreaser EM56+

Powerful, slow evaporating industrial cold degreaser with a mild odour. Very suitable for cleaning and degreasing machines, parts and surfaces with caked-on oil and grease residue.

Interflon Degreaser EM100+

An extremely powerful cleaner with no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Ideal for places where a reduction in the emission of volatile solvents is required. Has excellent cleaning properties and a very high flash point (162°C). Suitable for use in open and closed immersion systems and sinks. Can be applied easily using a trigger.

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