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Fin Super doesn’t say “reel oil” on the label. It hasn’t been marketed much to fishermen. It has a wide variety of other uses, so it’s not a fishing-specific product. But it’s absolutely fantastic at lubricating and protecting reels and other pieces of expensive fishing equipment. In fact, it does a better job than any other product, because it lasts through heavy wear, is totally impervious to water, and it dries to a solid film that will not attract dirt or other particles the way an oil does.

But that’s not even the best part. Are you ready for this? Dollar for dollar and ounce for ounce, Fin Super is not only the highest quality product on the market… it’s also the cheapest.

Check out this chart (current as of January 2019). We did a quick cost comparison of the most popular reel oils and found that not only does Fin Super last far longer and perform better, and not only is it the ONLY product that dries to a solid film, providing the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid object on earth… it’s also the cheapest!

Product Cost (Amazon) Amount (ml) Cost per 29 ml (1 ounce)
Fin Super $27.88 300 $2.70
Liberty Oil $12.99 116 $3.25
High Five $18.38 150 $3.55
Penn Synthetic Reel Oil $7.36 58 $3.68
Ardent Reel Care for Saltwater $8.29 58 $4.15
Penn Reel Grease $8.50 58 $4.25
Corrosion X $4.95 29 $4.95
South Bend Reel Oil $2.99 14.5 $5.98
Lucas Fishing Reel Oil $7.95 29 $7.95
Ardent Reel Grease $7.99 29 $7.99
Ardent Reel Butter $10.14 29 $10.14
Liquid Bearings $13.99 29 $13.99

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