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The Challenge

This machine used a single roller chain with a pitch of 12.7mm (.05 inches) and hollow pins. It was 4 meters (over 13 feet) long.

The guide chains needed to be lubricated weekly, with a full spray can of lubricant being used every week.

The product as a result was unsuitable. There was a lot of evaporation of lubricant after every application. The rollers of the guide continued to vibrate and stick anyway. The client was spending about $70 per month on lubricant, plus labor and replacement parts.


  • Water
  • Dust (flour, powder, sugar)
  • Temperature (hot and cold)
  • Corrosion due to acidity
  • Cleaning fluids

The Solution

Interflon Lube HT


  • Lubricant is far more durable and effective
  • Lubrication frequency cut by 80%
  • Less wasted time, higher-quality product
  • Lower levels of employee frustration


  • Lubrication frequency reduced from 50+ times per year to 10 times per year
  • Savings of over $1,000 per year in labor costs
  • Savings of over $600 per year in lubricant costs
  • All chains now work smoothly, without sticking and vibration