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The Challenge

A conveyor belt that carried rocks to a crusher failed frequently. This was due to high friction and heavy wear. Use of a viscous lubricant caused sand and rock dust to adhere to the chain, resulting in the formation of an abrasive paste. This paste rapidly caused chain elongation due to wear of pins and bushings. The chains and chain wheels had to be frequently replaced.

This is a very common problem in many types of industry, and it’s one that Interflon products were specifically formulated to fix.


  • Dry
  • Dusty
  • Sand/Concrete
  • Heavy loads

The Solution

Interflon Lube PN 32 is a top-of-the line product that can also be used on linear drives and in central lubrication systems (ISO VG 68) for cutting down on the number of lubricants you now use. Comes highly recommended, endorsed and approved by leading air systems manufacturers.


This client benefited greatly from the installation of an automatic lubrication system, which only adds to their savings by lowering the amount of time an employee must spend on lubrication.

Food Lube PN 32 is also food-safe, in case it needs to be used in a food production environment.


  • No more thermal failures
  • Much less adhesion of sand and dust
  • Longer tool life
  • Cost savings of over $2,500.00