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Poultry Industry Case Studies

The poultry industry deals with a unique set of challenges. Because machines must be sprayed down constantly, bearings and chains are subject to high humidity and a lot of high-pressure water spray. Feathers and other matter frequently jam pickers and must be cleaned out by hand–a messy and time-consuming job.

Interflon makes several products that are ideal for saving time and money–and not just a little bit, either. Our clients routinely report savings tens of thousands of dollars per year after switching to our products. Reports come back to us that use words like “amazed” and “delighted”. This refers to how they feel after seeing just how much money they’re saving.

Read on to see for yourself just how much Interflon can save your poultry business.

Lubricating a Marel Sorting System

The Challenge This large North Carolina poultry processing plant had been lubricating their Marel sorting system every week. The machine required 5 to 7 pumps of lubricant per bearing. It was proving to be expensive and time-consuming, and like all of...

Lubricating Almost 3 Miles of Chain

How does Interflon handle lubricating almost 3 miles of chain? Very well, that's how. This poultry processing plant had 4,500 meters (2.79 miles) of transport chain in their facility. They were spending nearly $140,000 per year on lubricating it, including...