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The Challenge

This client was having a real problem with lubricant soiling their product… totally unacceptable. The issue was that the bearings in the oven had to be lubricated once per week due to grease runout. It was time-consuming and expensive, and the quality of the product was suffering. This is the kind of issue that over time can actually cause a company to go out of business.


  • Flour dust
  • Humidity
  • High temperatures

The Solution

Interflon Grease HTG


  • No oxidation on chains
  • Lubricant will not get washed off
  • Extension of lubrication interval
  • Lubricant is now food-safe


  • Lubrication frequency increased to once per month (25% of what it had been)
  • Lubricant remains on chains and bearings
  • Great reduction in lubricant and maintenance costs
  • Better-quality product
  • Food-safe lubricant