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Fin Super multi-use industrial lubricant with MicPol® is incredibly versatile, in the production environment and in the home.

BOGO deal on Fin Super

For a limited time, verified Amazon purchasers of Interflon Fin Super who are (a) residing within the United States and (b) have left a review of the product on the Amazon page may receive one (1) free 300-ml can of Interflon Fin Super with MicPol® sent to a U.S. address of their choosing.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to spread the word about Fin Super! It’s an incredibly versatile industrial lubricant that far outperforms ordinary petrochemical lubricants, and lasts up to ten times longer. How is that possible? Because of our unique MicPol® technology! To learn more about MicPol®, read our post entitled “What is MicPol®?”

MicPol® means micronized and polarized. The particles of lubricant are so tiny (.03 microns or less, hundreds of times smaller than a human hair) that they work their way into the tiniest of spaces. They also adhere to surfaces magnetically. This is a far stronger bond than lubricants that rely on viscosity, otherwise known as “stickiness”.

So, how can you get your free can? It’s easy!

  1. Use the Buy Now! button to purchase your can of Fin Super from Amazon.com.
  2. Once you’ve had a chance to use it, leave your honest review of the product on our Amazon page
  3. Drop an email with your Amazon order number to [[email protected]] letting us know the name and address of the person you’d like your free can shipped to (it can be you, or a friend or family member… it’s all the same to us!).

Be sure to include your Amazon order number in the email so we know it’s you!

What kinds of things can Fin Super be used for? We’re glad you asked! FIN SUPER is for the lubrication of all moving parts, including:

  • chains
  • cables
  • gears
  • rails
  • tracks
  • valves
  • locks
  • hinges
  • firearms
  • fishing equipment

and practically any other piece of equipment that needs lubrication or protection from rust. The penetrating abilities of FIN SUPER allow it to free seized and rusted parts in minutes. It offers excellent protection against moisture and corrosion. It will replace multiple other lubricants.

Want to download our brochure? It’s also a handy wall chart that shows just some of the hundreds of things Fin Super can be used for.

Spread the word! This offer is good until January 31, 2019.